Thirvusoft ERP Customization
Thirvusoft-ERPNext Customization in Coimbatore,India

Unlock Seamless Connectivity with WhatsApp Integration!

Customer Interaction

Improve customer engagement by integrating WhatsApp for order inquiries, support requests, and updates, providing a convenient and familiar communication channel.

Effortless Communication

Foster quick and direct communication among team members. Collaboration has never been this easy!

Two-Way Communication

Enable bidirectional communication between ERPNext and WhatsApp, allowing users to initiate actions or respond to notifications directly from the messaging platform.

Why Choose ERPNext?

Trustworthy Integration

Develop a dedicated module within ERPNext to manage WhatsApp notifications, allowing customization of message content and recipient groups.

Task Reminders and Alerts

Set up automated task reminders and alerts on WhatsApp, ensuring that important deadlines and activities are never missed.

Customizable Templates

Create customizable message templates for different notification types, ensuring consistency and clarity in communication.

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