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We established a comprehensive and specialized solution designed to optimize the management of tire-related services within the automotive industry.

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Pavers & Hollow Bricks

We have designed for a specialized solution to streamline the operations of paver production and manages inventory and cost analysis of production.

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Event Management

We designed to streamline and enhance the processes involved in organizing, monitor event operations and executing events.

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Distribution Management

We are providing a specialized solution designed mainly for dealer distribution and streamline the complex processes in distribution operations.

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Precision in Performance

Our Software offers unparalleled precision and performance in managing tire services. Streamline appointments, track service history, and automate billing with ease. Elevate customer communication and environmental compliance effortlessly.

Billing Transparency

Improve trust and satisfaction through transparent billing processes.

Quick Turnaround Time

Minimize service lead times and maximize efficiency, delivering prompt and reliable tire services to meet customer expectations.

It is predominantly offering detailed invoices that clearly outline charges and services provided with effortless manual intervention.

We stands out with its precision-driven features, user-friendly design, and commitment to optimizing every aspect of tire service management for enhanced performance and customer satisfaction.

Pavers & Hollow Bricks

Innovating Excellence in Manufacturing

Streamline the manufacturing process with automated production planning tools, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and optimal output

Inventory Optimization

Optimize raw material and finished goods inventory levels, minimizing wastage and ensuring a lean manufacturing process.


Implement traceability and serialization for products, enabling easy tracking and identification throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.

Conduct detailed cost analysis for manufacturing processes, providing insights into cost drivers and opportunities for cost savings.

Design the software to scale with business growth, accommodating increased production volumes and expanding manufacturing capabilities.

Event Management

Seamless Event Management Solution

Monitor event operations in real-time, providing instant updates on task progress, attendee registrations, and potential challenges.

Real-time Feedback Collection

Gather real-time feedback during and after events to assess attendee satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and refine future event strategies.

Guest Experience Enhancement

Enhance the overall guest experience with features like automated check-ins, personalized communications, and interactive event elements.

Seamlessly manage relationships with vendors and suppliers, automating procurement processes for event-related goods and services.

It provides privacy measures to protect sensitive attendee information and maintain trust in event management.

Distribution Management

Empowering Dealerships Efficiently

Dealer order processing with an intuitive system, allowing dealers to place orders seamlessly and improving order fulfillment and equip dealers with a user-friendly mobile app, offering convenience in order placement, tracking.

Mobile Sales and Order Entry

Enable dealers to make sales directly through the mobile app, streamlining the order entry process and facilitating quick transactions.

Real-time Order Tracking

Provide real-time tracking of orders, enabling dealers to monitor the status of their shipments and plan for timely product reception.

Automate the invoicing and billing process, reducing manual errors and ensuring accurate and timely financial transactions for dealers.

It is tracking aims to revolutionize the distribution process, empowering dealers with tools for efficient order management ultimately creating a seamless and transparent distribution network.

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